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SEO: Search Engine Optimization

Good design and development means good usability for your visitors, and that is the foundation for strong performance in search engine results and conversions.

All FBT web design and development has a focus on usability, performance and the best practices of SEO to ensure the ability for continued onsite optimization and increased conversions.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

Think of your website as an investment. For that investment to pay off, your website needs traffic. The competition to attract search visitors is fierce. A well designed, search engine-friendly website is your invitation to the competition.

Here’s what a Search Engine Optimized website from Flying Bridge gives you:


Get a head start on search marketing with a website built to be SEO-friendly from the beginning


Reduce your risk of being penalized by major search engines


Spend less time and less money rebuilding your website to be search friendly

A Strategic Approach: Search-Friendly Web Design and Development

Here are just a few of the ways that Flying Bridge builds SEO best practices into your site:

  • Keyword research and strategy

  • Content strategy

  • Title tags and meta descriptions

  • Sitemap creation

  • URL strategy


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